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Geills Turner

John and Geills Turner
John and Geills Turner  

Her family's stay at 24 Sussex was brief, just three months, so Geills Turner didn’t have much time to make an impression as Canada’s chief political wife. She spent several years as the wife of the Opposition leader, a much less public role.

Geills (pronounced "Jill") also avoided the media spotlight. She distrusted the media, and felt she had been misrepresented on several occasions.

She was not keen to subsume her personality to further her husband’s goals, and for the most part stayed out of the spotlight.

One of her more famous appearances came in 1987, when she and her husband made a visit to a food bank and the media reported that she brought her donations in a bag from the high-end clothing store Creeds.

Since her husband’s retirement from politics 14 years ago, Geills has been able to return to her life as a private citizen. She and her husband have one daughter and three sons.

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