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Mila Mulroney

Mila Mulroney
Mila Mulroney and son Mark.  

Mila Mulroney was definitely a change from Margaret Trudeau, Maureen McTeer or Geills Turner, the prime ministerial spouses who came before her. Some described Mila as "the perfect political wife." She was lovely enough to look at, and happy to stand beside her husband and be supportive.

Mila was very popular, and had many invitations to attend functions and endorse charities. She also had the unusual perk of her own offices and staff on Parliament Hill. She took a prominent role as a spouse, but didn't make strong political statements. Cystic fibrosis was her cause of choice.

Mila loved travelling with her husband on official trips, and shopping in foreign locales.

In 1987, a Globe and Mail investigation revealed that the Mulroneys had borrowed $300,000 from the Tories to renovate 24 Sussex Drive. It was just one of many stories about Mila's love for shopping and her supposedly profligate spending.  She earned the unfortunate nickname Imelda (after Imelda Marcos) for her reportedly large collection of shoes.

Mila and Brian have four children: Nicolas, Mark, Ben and Caroline.

Ben Mulroney

Ben Mulroney
Ben Mulroney.  

One of their three sons, Ben, was too young to speak out on issues when his dad was prime minister. Now he is best-known for his role as host of the television show Canadian Idol.



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