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Aline Chrétien

Ailene Chrétien
Aline Chrétien  

During the 10 years her husband Jean was prime minister, Aline Chrétien kept her life as private as possible, turning down interviews, and even refusing to have an office on Parliament Hill.

Her tastes tended to the simple. She was not known for lavish shopping sprees or for massive redecorating, despite living at 24 Sussex Drive for a decade. Aline was said to be her husband's main confidante and compass. Chrétien called her his "key adviser." She was compared, for that reason, to Olive Diefenbaker.

During their time in Ottawa, Aline worked to promote various charities, and earned her degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She speaks Italian, Spanish, English and French.

Although she tried to stay out of the spotlight, Aline will forever be remembered for bravely defending her husband – not in the political arena, but at home. One night in November 1995, an intruder got into 24 Sussex Drive. Aline heard someone moving around, and encountered a man holding a knife. She quickly grabbed a statue, then rushed back into the bedroom, locked the door, and called police. The story of the prime minister's wife brandishing an Inuit carving at a potentially dangerous man made for great copy.

The Chr�tiens have a daughter, France, and two sons, Hubert and Michel.

     CBC LINK: Aline Chr�tien: Rock of Shawinigan

Michel Chrétien

 Michel Chr�tien
  Michel Chrétien

Youngest son Michel Chrétien has led a troubled life. He has admitted to having a drinking problem, and has been treated for cocaine and heroin abuse. He has been convicted of sexual assault and served three years. Michel was also convicted of assault and drunk driving. He was acquitted on further charges of sexual assault in 2003.

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