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A Family Affair

The prime ministerial spouse doesn't have a defined role in Canada. There is no "first spouse," or "first family" as you find in the U.S. Despite the demands made of them, the wives (and yes, so far they have all been wives; Kim Campbell was not married during her brief stay at 24 Sussex Drive) don't have an official role, or specific resources to support their activities. Until Mila Mulroney, it was not usual for spouses to have offices or staff to help them keep up with their obligations.

Yet they are expected to entertain, accompany, amuse, adapt and, above all, accessorize.

For the most part, the families of politicians endure less media scrutiny than their U.S. counterparts, but most of us are still familiar with their names, and a few of their more famous and infamous moments in the spotlight.

Click below for a look at some of the better-known family members of our most recent PMs:

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