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Political parties are the heart of the democratic process in Canada. Parties had their origin in Britain, first in Parliament as factions supporting or opposing the policies of the monarch, and then as organizations outside Parliament devoted to winning election campaigns. 

Leaders Leaders Parties Parties
  • Gilles Duceppe
  • Stephen Harper
  • Jack Layton
  • Paul Martin
  • Other Leaders
  • Bloc Québécois
  • Conservative Party
  • New Democratic Party
  • Liberal Party
  • Independent
  • Other Registered Parties
  • Under current regulations, parties must be registered with Elections Canada in order to run candidates in an election.  If they win at least 12 seats in Parliament, they receive financial support and office facilities, and have formal rights with regard to participation in debate and serving on parliamentary committees.

    For this election there are 12 registered political parties, four of which had seats in the last session of Parliament.  Follow the links for detailed information on the parties and their leaders.

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    National Profile  The National Profiles-
    Gilles Duceppe
    Stephen Harper
    Jack Layton
    Paul Martin
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