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Bedford-Birch Cove

2009 Results

Party Candidate Votes Status
Updated: Jun. 9, 2009 10:11 PM ADT 53/53 polls
LIB Kelly Regan 4,861 Elected
NDP Brian Mosher 3,552
PC Len Goucher 2,268
GRN Neil Green 248

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Len Goucher PC
Neil Green GRN
Brian Mosher NDP
Kelly Regan LIB


Current MLA: Len Goucher (PC), Minister of Immigration

District profile: The district was created in 2003 and includes 69 per cent of the former riding of Bedford-Fall River and 31 per cent of what was Halifax-Bedford Basin.

It contains the part of the town of Bedford lying southeast of Highway 102 (Bicentennial Drive).

District map: Bedford-Birch Cove (PDF)

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