Van Loan plays video games

Trade Minister Peter Van Loan tries his hand at some video games in the international media centre on Friday. (Lianne Elliott/CBC)

By Lianne Elliott, CBC News

lianne-elliott-52.jpgBefore all the serious business of the G8/G20 summits got underway, Trade Minister Peter Van Loan took a short play break at the international media centre in Toronto.

As reporters hovered around him with their cameras, microphones and BlackBerries, the minister explored the Experience Canada exhibit, which promotes all things Canadian.

He walked by the fake lake, tasted some Ontario fudge, checked out a hybrid car and played a soccer video game. "It's just like real soccer," he joked, "Nobody scores."

The minister was hoping the play break would promote Canadian technology and innovation to the world's media gathered for the summit. He reminded them that Canada, with its low taxes, skilled workers and free trade agreement, is a good country to do business with.

"Canada is a leader in many innovative areas," he said.

Van Loan enjoys some tasty Ontario treats. (Lianne Elliott/CBC)