Saturday June 19

motorcade.jpgToronto police officers ride in a motorcade meant to escort dignitaries. (Adrien Veczan/Canadian Press)

By Dale Boyer, G20 citizen blogger

daleboyer52.jpgHave you ever had that conversation about, "If the world went crazy, where would you go?"

Seems like a lot of people in the city are partaking in that conversation this week.

I always imagined trying to make my way to one of my families' homes in the outskirts of the city -- as if the riots and pillaging wouldn't happen up there. Truth is, there's like one cop for the whole township of King, so who would really come to save my butt if it was being robbed?

If I use that logic then I should stay close to the fence. Although being close to that fence might get my ear sound-cannoned.

So really, I guess the question is, do I want to risk being robbed in the quiet of the suburbs or robbed of my hearing in the city?

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