Long trek to retrieve seized bikes ahead of G20

g20-bike-rings.jpg Some bike rings from within the security perimeter are being removed ahead of the G20 summit. (Pras Rajagopalan/CBC)

By Prasanna Rajagopalan, CBC News

pras-52.jpgOver the last 24 hours, crews have begun removing some bicycle parking rings within the security perimeter.

Any bikes attached to those rings will also be taken by officers as a precautionary measure.

Police will then check if any seized bikes are registered and then attempt to contact the owners.

If they are unsuccessful, the bikes will be taken to the Toronto police property and evidence holding centre, located at 799 Islington Avenue near the Gardiner Expressway.

That's quite a trek for a bike-less rider who, presumably, spends a fair chunk of time in and around the downtown security perimeter.

It will probably take police a couple of days to properly process a seized bike and allow the owner to claim it, said Sgt. Tim Burrows with Toronto police traffic services.

Burrows also confirmed that not all bike rings within the perimeter will be removed - just certain ones that the ISU thinks will interfere with the fence and with other security measures.

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