It's going to be a heck of week

Anti-G20 protesters - including one wearing a Stephen Harper mask and several doused in fake oil - rally outside Union Station on Thursday. (Pras Rajagopalan/CBC)

By Prasanna Rajagopalan, CBC News

pras-52.jpgThe G20 summit only runs for two days, but as I've found talking to people in and around the security zone, its impact on Toronto is already being felt acutely.

Over the last two weeks we've witnessed:

The uprooting of young trees within the fenced security zone in the name of security. (Pras Rajagopalan/CBC)

The expulsion of hot dog-hawking street vendors from the fenced security zone. (Pras Rajagopalan/CBC)

g20-street-cn-tower.jpgThe construction of a three-metre high chain link fence around a large swath of downtown. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

We'll no doubt be treated to an array of ever more strange sights as the June 26-27 summit looms closer, and I'll be there to do my best to chronicle it.

And of course, if you're unsure about the G20-related restrictions and closures, you can refer to two lovely maps - one in 2D and the other in 3D - created by our web developer Dwight Friesen.

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