G8/20 Summitacular Liveblog: Day One

A security guard patrols the security fence erected underneath the CN Tower in Toronto. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

By Kady O'Malley, CBC News

omalley-kady-52.jpgIt's here! It's here! Okay, technically, there's still one day to go, but that's not going to stop me from liveblogging the rest of the countdown on location -- or, in this case, locations, plural. 

I've already done a quick tour of the media centre -- yes, including the lake, which really is pretty, although definitely a bit smaller than expected -- but I'll be heading back there later this morning to see what it's like when it isn't cavernously empty of anyone other than me, a handful of bemused delegates, and hundreds of colour-coordinated baseball cap-wearing security guards jogging through the halls. I also plan on spending a good bit of time outside the wire, as it were, so stay tuned -- and check back here for updates throughout the day.

You can also follow the entire CBC G8/20 crew via the magic of twitter -- which, depending on whether the cell coverage goes wonky as the hour draws near, may eventually be the most reliable way of filing dispatches from the streets, although let's cross our fingers that the berryvine doesn't go down under the strain, shall we?

Mobile friendly text-feed available here.

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