G20: Your experience

(Gary Wood)

By Jennifer Hollett, CBC News

jennifer-hollett-52.jpgRange. It's one of social media's finest attributes. I just took a quick look at Facebook and Twitter to discover:

The fake lake made it to The Economist.

Activists are busy organizing, looking for help hosting visiting protesters. Donations of cash, food or cooking skills are welcome.

And a Naked News reporter was spotted covering the G20 barriers on Eastern Avenue, naked of course. And reportedly, no one cared. Probably best not to provide a link with this one.

In the Street Level blog, we're bringing you that range, from teen bloggers to journalists, locals to Oxfam Japan. And of course, your voice. We know you're armed with cameras and smartphones, so show us what you've got. Here's what to do:

Upload your G20 photos to our Flickr gallery.

Catch something on camera? Share it with us.

They follow each blog post. Please join the conversation.

And of course email.

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