What a difference a day makes

A security camera peers down outside the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto on Tuesday  where world leaders are due to meet for the G20 summit. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

By Kim Fox, CBC News

fim-fox-52.jpgMonday left me feeling like I had moved to a different country.

My commute had never before involved checkpoints, or seeing people whip out their ID just to get to work, bags being checked or throngs of police milling about - this wasn't the Toronto I know.

After yesterday's culture shock - today seemed strangely quiet in comparison.

I left my apartment - Blackberry in hand - declaring by tweet that I'd document what I expected to be the escalating chaos around me.

Waiting on the subway platform, I imagined long, snaking lineups, raging commuters, police officers in riot gear, sirens and helicopters overhead - in short, I pictured myself starring in every doomsday movie I watched as a kid.

Instead, my checkpoint was relatively free and clear. Sure, police stood within a few metres, but compared with the day before it was a breeze.

As we're only a few days away from the summit, we'll see what tomorrow brings, but for now, here's our daily G20 story round up from CBC News:

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