A demonstrator covered in cocoa and vegetable oil to resemble a human oil slick walks through Toronto's financial district. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

By Dale Boyer, G20 citizen blogger

daleboyer52.jpgHey protestors!

I've noticed some of you like to wear bandanas around your face while you are walking around downtown, which I can only imagine is for protection against whatever inhalant you think you may encounter during your protest (or you don't want to be identified by CSIS ... but that is another blog topic).

In any case, I want to urge all of you this week to wear sunblock as well. The sun can cause premature aging of the skin!

With all the furrowing of brows and faces you'll be making during your chanting at police, your skin is going to need all the help it can get.

The G20 is not a time to take a break from appropriate skin care. You want to be convincing the leaders to listen to your message, not having untimely sunburn putting you in a drugstore (if you can find one open) looking for after sun aloe moisturizer.

So, while you're burning cardboard cutouts of our leaders this week, take care and don't go home to find yourself burned as well.

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