G20 summit: What's the biggest issue?

A protest banner hung by Oxfam activists is displayed in Huntsville, Ontario ahead of the G8. A variety of groups are championing their causes leading up the G8 and G20 summits. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

By Your Voice Team, CBC News

While the issue of maternal health seems to be getting the most attention in Canada, other nations have different priorities for the G8/G20 summit.

CBC reporter Lianne Elliott spoke with a few foreign reporters at the international media centre this week and found that they all had a different view of what will matter most at the talks.

For Italian reporter Serena Dironza, the deficit is the biggest issue. Malawian reporter Mac Neil Kalowekamo said that his country's biggest concern is food safety. Ashwini Prabha from Fiji singled out climate change as the most important topic, while Turkish reporter Orhan Sali said that ending sanctions against Iran and Gaza is his country's top priority.

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What do you think is the most important issue at the G8/G20 summit? What should be the focus of the world leaders when they gather this weekend?

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