Summit Saturday


Protest protection for journalists. (Jennifer Hollett/CBC)

By Jennifer Hollett, CBC News

jennifer-hollett-52.jpgAs the G8 leaders discuss Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan this morning and the G20 politicians come together, protesters and the journalists covering the protesters are gearing up.

Prepared for the worst, the pic above is a look at what the G20: Street Level team is equipped with. Despite the rain, we know many of you in the local area will also be out and about. Stay in touch. We're looking for your tips, photos, videos and reports on the G8 and G20 summits, from the fence to the protests. Here's how to submit your work:

Upload your G8 or G20 photos to the CBC Flickr gallery. You can also email them in. Make sure to provide your name for the photo credit.

Be it on mobile phone or camcorder, if you catch something on video, share it with us.


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