Running around


Police charge on Queen St. W Saturday. (Nick Kozak/Torontoist)

By Jennifer Hollett, CBC News


As the G20 Summit weekend draws to a close, I must say I've done a lot of running around. Photographer Nick Kozak from Torontoist.com snapped a great photo of me running away from the police charge yesterday, after I shot this video.

Some have told me it's very "Run Lola Run." My face says it all. To quote my face directly, "Ughhh?"

The one billion dollar price tag on the summits is proof that the country was prepared for anything, but I must say I didn't expect this. What happened is new and shocking for the city of Toronto, for residents and business owners, police and protesters.

As I have a moment to collect my thoughts, I'm left with many unanswered questions from all sides. Why smash windows and set fires? Why storm peaceful protesters? And what came first, the fence or those trying to take down the fence?

I look forward to reading your comments and similar questions below.