Community contribution: Photos from the downtown core

2 choppers coming in.jpg
Helicopters flying through downtown Toronto. (Julie Wildman)

By Julie Wildman, G20 citizen contributor

wildman_julie_025.jpgFor me, preparations for the G20 include my company's downtown office relocating our entire team to other GTA offices or working from home. This has led to both my husband and me working in our condo across the street from the Rogers Centre this week.

We've been observing the construction of the infamous fence since it started in early June as part of our daily walk to work in the financial district, and during our first two days at our home office we've been able to witness some of the detailed preparations taking place for the upcoming summit.

Roaving packs of bike-TPS (up to 20 of them in a pack).jpg
Police on bicycles patrol the downtown core. (Julie Wildman)
Lots of police in vans.jpg
Security caravans. (Julie Wildman)

We've seen everything from roving packs of bike-riding police (in one we counted up to 20 officers), military helicopters performing low-flying manoeuvres and rushing by our windows (complete with armed soldiers sitting in the doorways), rows of minivans piled full of officers and their gear (getting ready for what, we're not sure), and the generally overwhelming number of police that are patrolling this area and fence.

Extra cop boats at the fire station.jpg
Horses at the gate.jpg
Second chopper fly-by.jpg
Top: Extra boats at the downtown fire station. Centre: Police on horseback near Union Station. Bottom: A low-flying security helicopter. (Julie Wildman)

With all the excitement I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the action happening 15 floors below. We're looking forward to keeping an eye outside for what comes next this week; it's certainly more entertaining than the usual workday view I have from my office tower!

What are you seeing in your neighbourhood? Upload your G20 photos here, add them to our Flickr group or email them to yournews@cbc.ca.