G20 online


By Jennifer Hollett, CBC News

jennifer-hollett-52.jpgA quick Google search for the G20 brings up protest videos and an ad for the Stratford Festival. Hidden underneath these results is a link to the offical G20 Toronto website - g20.gc.ca

While wandering through the typical government site, I discovered a few tidbits:

The back-to-back G8 and G20 Summits are history making for Canada. No other country has ever held two global events of this scale together.

The CN Tower will feature a G20 light show from Tuesday, June 22 to Sunday, June 27, with the national flags of the G20 countries.

Local businesses can apply for compensation due to lost business during the summit. "Although the Government is not legally bound to pay compensation for losses suffered as a result of international meetings held in Canada there are precedents where compensation has been provided to those impacted by security measures of previous international summits."

MY SUMMIT 2010 is the official international youth summit held alongside the G8 and the G20.

The summit is aiming to be carbon neutral.

The G20 is also officially on Twitter @canadaIntl and flickr And Canada's official G8 website is g8.gc.ca While these official outlets tend to be flat and lackluster compared to other offerings online, it's always worth keeping an eye on the space to see what there's, and more importantly what's not.

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