G20: Looking back

A protester flashes a peace sign during a demonstration on Sunday, June 27, 2010. It was just one of the many scenes witnessed in downtown Toronto during the G20 summit. (Submitted by Jackman Chiu via Flickr)

By Dale Boyer, G20 citizen blogger

daleboyer52.jpgAs I look back at my first blog post about the three things I thought would be disrupted, two predictions came true.

My beautiful city was cut up and I had to zigzag my way through the streets to avoid police lines and potential violence. My comfortable lifestyle became uneasy, I was unnerved and upset ... even my quirky and humorous outlook on the summit was tested while I witnessed first-hand what it feels like not be trusted while I walked down Toronto streets I frequent every day.

My feelings are still reconciling themselves as more and more stories are revealed and I fold those tales into my own personal experiences. 

As for the third thing I thought would be disrupted? My cellphone worked and wasn't jammed within the area this whole weekend ... well, I guess that's something. 

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