In uniform


Police outside the CBC Broadcast Centre. (Amil Niazi/CBC)

By Dale Boyer, G20 citizen blogger

daleboyer52.jpgThis is a vast generalization, but it is not an uncommon thing for people, specifically women, to enjoy men in uniform. Firefighters and policemen are often the focus of bachelorette parties, calendars and late-night movies. So you can imagine my feelings when, as I was walking out of a drugstore within spitting distance of the fence, I found myself in a crowd of police officers decked out in all their police-y gear.

As I stood at the light waiting for it to change, I noticed that every policeman I made eye contact with was very smiley and all of the officers appeared to be in amazingly good moods. Lots of policemen, lots of cool gear, lots of smiles and for some reason I was completely stunned and unable to do anything other than smile back sheepishly. One policeman in a uniform can be sexy. Twenty policeman in riot gear smiling is...off-putting.