G8/G20 world media coverage scant so far

One of the photos provided through the welcomeworldmedia.com G8 website.  (Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation)

By Jennifer Hollett, CBC News

jennifer-hollett-52.jpgwelcomeworldmedia.com is the official web resource for international media covering the G8 and G20 summits. At the moment, it doesn't offer much beyond postcards of Canadiana, like the one featured above.

While the leadoff to the G8 and G20 has been holding steady in headlines here in Toronto and throughout Canada, it has yet to make a mark internationally. As a Canadian journalist, I always enjoy seeing how the world sees us. But after spending the morning digging around various international sites, I didn't come up with much.

Here are a few of my findings.

TIME - G-20 Violence at Toronto Already?
How's that for an alarming headline? Time journalist Nate Jones blogs: "The protests and security have the city a little on edge -- the news ran wild with the story of three gunshots fired into the air near the G-20 site until officials confirmed they were unrelated to the summits -- and it's worth asking: If it's like this now, what will it be like when the conference is actually happening?"

Reuters - UK's Cameron, Obama to talk BP at G8/G20 summit
Over to Reuters in London, where they're keeping it locally relevant. "British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to discuss BP with U.S. President Barack Obama when the two meet this weekend, Cameron's spokesman said Wednesday."

The Wall Street Journal - Downtown Toronto Braces For G20 Impact; Banks To Close
And the Wall Street Journal covers the banks and businesses, natch. "Most of the 38 retail bank branches inside or near the security perimeter will be closed Thursday and Friday. Companies such as Sun Life Financial are relocating most employees or urging them to work from home."

But the nod for best quote goes to Bob Matheson, the manager of Mountain Equipment Cooperative's downtown store, whose comments lead the Wall Street Journal story.

"Matheson recalls seeing a television news item of a G8 protest in Vancouver last year, where the protesters ensconced in a tree house were wearing MEC clothing, as were the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers attempting to get the protestors out. 'I like to think we sit in the sweet spot by being appreciated by both the right and the left,' Matheson says."