Following the protest

By Jennifer Hollett, CBC News

jennifer-hollett-52.jpgToday was a day of extremes. At the beginning of the protest, it felt like a well organized parade. Hours later, a chaotic riot.

This afternoon I stood in front of two vandelized police cars taken over by activists. One dreadlocked protester in a fake police shirt got into the vehicle, turned on the siren and started making announcements on the PA. No police in site. Many wondered if the cars were decoys. Hours later, one of those cars was set on fire and police chased all onlookers (including me) away with batons.

Smoke rises from the police car on fire, Queen St. W, Toronto. (Jennifer Hollett/CBC)

This evening as police pushed protesters back from the yellow zone fence, an officer entertained a conversation with the crowd regarding his moustache. He even allowed a protester to pose with him for a photo. Hours later, a police officer escorted me away from arrests that were taking place. When I identified myself as the CBC, he replied "I don't care, after a day like today."

And after a day like today, all wonder what tomorrow will look like.