G20 field reports: Amber Hildebrandt

By Amber Hildebrandt, CBC News

CBC's Amber Hildebrandt is on the the streets of Toronto and will be filing hourly updates during the G20 summit. Here's the latest.

amber-hilderbrandt-52.jpgCheck out the Twitpic about cake. I asked why she's eating cake. No response. She just quietly stuffed another piece in her mouth, so clearly enjoying every bite, even as, or in spite of, the multiple video and still cameras in her face.

After a few minutes of watching, the crowd moved on, on to the next event in what will likely be an eventful day.

Marchers stop to watch protester at table in middle of street dining quietly on chocolate cake. (Amber Hildebrandt/CBC)

Amber is reporting from @CBCReporters

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