G20 field reports: Amber Hildebrandt

Bike protesters make their way downtown on Sunday, June 27, 2010. (Timothy Neesam/CBC)

By Amber Hildebrandt, CBC News

Update 1:59 p.m.: The Bike Bloc protest is now headed down Bay Street, passing St. Joseph. Still noisy, but no confrontations with police.

amber-hilderbrandt-52.jpgI'm following the Bike Bloc demonstration that started at Bloor and Spadina. It got off to a rocky start, heading south on Spadina until police turned the bikes back, their riders chanting "Let us bike" and "Whose streets? Our Streets!"

The protesters were then allowed to head east along a side street. The procession of hundreds of cyclists is now headed east on Cumberland, and is very noisy.

Bike Bloc protesters. (Timothy Neesam/CBC)

I spoke to Tim Middleton and his wife, who were towing their children Emeth, 3, and Istra, 5, in carts behind their bikes. Middleton says a police officer warned him to "stay back" in case of tear gas, but he and his wife thought the situation was safe and have decided to ride on.

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