The G20 shakes

earthquake.jpgCrowds lined up outside in downtown Ottawa following tremors felt across southern Ontario and parts of Quebec. (Submitted by Caleigh Windolf)

By Amber Hildebrandt, CBC News

amber-hilderbrandt-52.jpgIt's been tense in CBC's Toronto newsroom ever since police found a suspicious package in the Queen's Park subway station this morning.

So it was no surprise that colleagues feared the worst when the tables and chairs began shaking this afternoon.

"A bomb," was the first thought of one colleague when the earthquake struck. And she wasn't alone.

Fellow G20 blogger, Lianne Elliott, took a call from her Whitby friend, asking whether Toronto had been blown up in a G20-related attack.

Amil Niazi, another G20 blogger, says she, too, thought the G20 was to blame. "I got up and ran to the window, ready to grumble at whatever G20 cavalry was marching down Front Street and was genuinely kind of relieved that it was an earthquake," said Niazi.

Perhaps a sign of things to come.

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