G20: An amazing thing happens at the theatre

A protester crawls as he gets away from police officers during G20 demos in Toronto on Saturday, June 26, 2010. (Adrien Veczan/Canadian Press)

By Dale Boyer, G20 citizen blogger

daleboyer52.jpgAs if! Where do I start? What a day.  Apart from warnings from every news outlet telling me not to go downtown... I did. I went to work.  I went and did two shows at The Second City, which is so close to the action you could smell the burning police cars.

I gave myself hours to get there, since subways were closed I ended up having to get a ride from family, which sounded something like this "Hey, do you mind driving me into what the news is calling a riot?"... They did. I got to the theatre to find all my buds there with amazing stories of how they got to the theatre.

I wondered if  people would come to this show. Well guess what? People did, people came! The braved the streets, crossed the lines of cops with tickets to the show, presented their ID to anyone who asked and plopped their butts in a theatre to watch some comedy. 

Something cool happened in that theatre tonight, too. It was cool and unusual and we all had an "amazing shared experience" despite everyone telling us not to.

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