Empty streets downtown

A reporter stands in the middle of an oddly deserted Adelaide Street. (Scott Sutherland)

By Scott Sutherland, G20 citizen blogger

scottsutherland.jpgNormally Thursdays are very busy around Crocodile Rock; we get the after-work crowd in starting around 5 p.m. There are usually about 300 people here from 5-8 p.m. The rooftop patio is always full and there is a wait to get up there.

Yesterday our house count at 6 p.m. was 14 people. Apparently nobody worked and even our regulars were absent. Traffic on Adelaide Street W. is usually stop-and-go at this time. I was able to grab a photo of a woman doing her newscast from the middle of Adelaide Street at 6 p.m. Sorry for the quality, but BlackBerrys have terrible cameras.

Walking into work, it seemed like not much has changed over the week, except for the lack of people and traffic. I guess all the predictions about getting around the city were wrong - so far. Our staff has been arriving early and our delivery drivers are saying that they have not yet had any problems, and it is actually much easier to get around.

The Entertainment District is deserted.

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