Condo-dwellers' guide for surviving the summit

A property management company in downtown Toronto has issued this G20 survival guide to residents in its buildings.

By Prasanna Rajagopalan, CBC News

pras-52.jpg The minor earthquake that rattled Toronto earlier this week caused quite a stir, although damage was minimal and no one was deserting the city or running to wholesale stores to stock up on supplies.

But that's what one property management company is telling residents in its buildings to do to prepare for this weekend's G20 summit.

Enhanced Management Services has issued a summit survival guide to residents of two loft-style condo buildings near the outer traffic zone.

And thanks to CBC Windsor reporter Sean Henry, the Street Level blog has obtained a copy of that guide.

The guide advises residents at 19 and 23 Brant St. near King Street to leave the city if they can.

"This will help to alleviate overall congestion and you will be able to avoid stressors with G20 summit," the guide says.

It also advises people to refrain from wearing business suits and interacting with protesters, and to stock up on enough food to sustain them for 72 hours.

The firm also plans to hire additional security guards over the course of the summit to deal with the 35,000 protesters it says could flood the area.

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