Bright light, big mystery

(Carmen Millet)

By Carmen Millet, G20 citizen blogger

carmen52.jpgIf you've spent any time the G20 security zone in the last 36 hours, you've probably spotted these balloon-like devices atop the G20 fence. They looked really interesting to me, so I tried to figure out what they were: maybe some kind of communication device? A contraption that would pop and make an insanely loud noise so as to disperse boisterous crowds?

A stealthily hidden camera that would take clandestine photos of errant protesters? Some kind of homing device? Surely it was something covert and secretive that the public absolutely couldn't know about, right?


I walked along Wellington Street wondering what these balloons were for and decided that I should just ask. So I did. A crowd of Toronto police officers happened to be standing nearby, and, probably because I didn't yet have on my protester balaclava, they told me. Any guesses what the mysterious devices are?

Temporary street lights. 

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