Boarded up city

deanboarded1.jpgBoth LCBO stores that I stopped at were boarded up tight. One was down at Queen's Quay, the other was at the corner of King Street and Spadina Avenue. (Dean Bradley)

By Dean Bradley, CBC

deanbradley.jpgWalking around downtown today, near the "secure zone," I was amazed at the number of businesses that have been boarded up. It seems like Toronto is bracing for a hurricane.

King Street was a strange mix of business as usual, while other businesses were boarded up on what should be one of the busiest days of the week. (Dean Bradley)

The sign in front of the Eternal Flame of Hope at Metro Hall reads: "Symbolic of the hopes, aspirations and triumphal achievements burning within the human spirit. May courage never be extinguished, or light diminished nor spirits bound in pursuit of personal excellence." (Dean Bradley)

Most offices were closed. I overheard one person comment how the city felt like a post-apocalyptic movie. (Dean Bradley)

No Euphoria this weekend. (Dean Bradley)