A World Cup alternative

A demonstrator covered in a cocoa and vegetable oil to resemble a human oil slick walks through Toronto's financial district during a protest organized by Oxfam Canada. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

By Zach Bussey, G20 citizen blogger

zach52.jpgWhile vuvuzelas around the city blare and fans cheer their home countries to World Cup victory, a different international event is about to take place in Toronto, one with far fewer fans and where the only "cheers" will be chants condemning the participating states' leaders. I'm of course speaking about the G20 summit.

For the next 10 days, I'll be providing my voice here as a resident of Toronto. I'll be offering opinions, perspective and experiences leading up to and during these meetings. I will post stories, photos, tweets and videos for you to experience what I experience and see what I see.

Leading up to these meetings, the discussion has been all about the expense. A billion-plus dollars spent on security for a meeting where fiscal responsibility is the topic. Oh yes, I've heard people asking when Ashton Kutcher shows up, but in my opinion, this expense only serves to fan the flames on both sides. On one side, a police force gearing up for urban combat going as far as rooting up trees and barricading buildings. On the other, protesters who, for the majority, are peaceful and only want to be heard.

I will be there. Not as a protester, but as a resident of Toronto, Canada. I love this country and I love this city. While the world will be watching the protests and news out of the meetings, I'll be there watching our streets and our citizens, giving you a more personal view.

A little about me: I was born in Toronto, grew up in Owen Sound and moved back here for college in 2004. I'm a social media addict and can be found most frequently on Twitter, YouTube and on my own blog.  I'm a very positive person and do my best to be entertaining yet useful, but please comment if you have suggestions for me on how to improve. Toronto is my city, and I hope she comes out of these meetings as pretty as she did before the fences went up.

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