A stroll along Queen Street

The intersection of Yonge and Queen Streets. (Adrien Veczan/Canadian Press)

By Dale Boyer, G20 citizen blogger

daleboyer52.jpgToday on break I took a walk up to Queen Street to eat at one of my favourite places and to do some shopping. I'm telling you, this G20 thing is great for the shopping. The businesses that have stayed open are friendly, not crowded and everything is on sale. All of these things might be a coincidence, but nevertheless, today was an ideal day out on Queen Street. Even the patios were full! Not to mention the fact that once you are done hitting the stores, you can grab a coffee and sit around and watch the really cool motorcades. At one point today, they blocked off Queen briefly to allow a motorcade through. About a dozen of us strangers on the street corner spontaneously started counting the black cars as they passed. One ... two ... (we chanted) 13 ... 14! Then we all went our separate ways to fun downtown during a very unusual weekend.

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