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Shane Foxman on the Beijing Olympics

Shane Foxman covers sports for CBC News Vancouver at six. (CBC)
As the Olympics start in Beijing, what Canadian athletes are you watching?

Do you have questions about any of the summer events?

CBC Vancouver's sports guy, Shane Foxman, is following the Summer Games.

Use the form below to ask him questions about the Beijing Olympics — or post your own comment about what's happening.

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Comments: (7)

klaus ganske (abbotsford) wrote:

I have a comment about Olympic standings:

If Canada were to have an athlete in absolutely every event and if these athletes all came in fourth place, you would think that we would be one of the highest ranked countries in the Olympics. At a minimum fourth but possibly even first. Yet with the way the press and IOC rank things (medal counts), Canada would be in one of the last places.

Ranking is inevitable. The IOC may not officially condone it but don't tell me China isn't buying all those medals with billions of dollars. If you really want to see the ranking of countries then a comprehensive system needs to be established that takes all the athletes' effords into account.

Posted August 22, 2008 01:24 PM

Bill Relph (Salt_Spring_Isl) wrote:

Q| Hi Shane, mine is a comment not a question. I listened to you yesterday evening on the CBC radio at 1730.. I think you are right on! There is way too much emphasis placed on medalling in the Olympics. Its as though huge countries like the USA & China use their size and the money they throw at sport to an unfair advantage. Like its some type of power play over other countries (at least thats my opinion). I am thrilled to watch Canadian athletes compete to the best of their ability and am just as happy if they break their own record as I would be if they won a medal.
Medals have a big place, but it should be about personal best.

Posted August 20, 2008 05:28 PM

Beth (Burnaby) wrote:

Q| I am wondering why some sports get so little coverage? Water Polo is a fast, exciting game and the only place I see any coverage is CBC French channel. We even have great local athletes (Con Kudaba for one) who should be highlighted and celebrated. Maybe if this sport received more coverage, more kids will become interested in it and water polo will no longer be one of those "niche" sports. My son played, and he went from novice to the regional development team in 6 months; not because he was great, but because no one knows about this fascinating sport.It is also a great off season game for hockey players. For me, I could was absolutely frustrated with the seemingly non-stop coverage of beach volleyball.

A| The biggest trouble in Beijing as far as TV coverage goes is the schedule.

So many events are going on at the same time...and with the time difference there are only so many events that can be shown. Volleyball seems to be always played first thing in the morning in china...which is 6 pm Vancouver time.

I do agree with you as far as beach volleyball goes, I have already seen enough. I am hoping that when water polo gets to the medal round more games will be shown.

I really enjoy water polo as well...I wish our guys were doing a little better.

Thanks for your question,


Posted August 15, 2008 01:22 PM

Jan (Vancouver) wrote:

Q| Why do female beach volleyball players have to wear bikinis? Seriously!

Who is the CBC swimming commentator? He's one of the meanest, most critical commentators I've ever heard.

A| Hi Jan,

First off.. I am with you, as far as the Female beach volleyball outfits go.

My wife and I were discussing it the other day... the bikini outfits are not flattering. Why can't the women wear shorts and a t-shirt? I can't see the bikinis helping their game.

Now as far as the swimming commentator goes....

Without singling out anyone in particular, I do believe there has been too much negative discussions about our team and how they are doing.

We should be celebrating when a Canadian athlete sets a national record, or personal best time (or score), not asking them what went wrong when they finish 4th.
I hope that answers your questions.



Posted August 14, 2008 02:40 PM

Laurence Greeff (Surrey) wrote:

Q| There appears to be a sense of desperation developing at the CBC given the fact that it might Day 8/9 before the first medal appears for Canada. What changes would you make in our sports development program to ensure a similar level of success similar to Australia?
Also, do you think the political and financial will is there to support your notion of a sports development program?

A|Hi Greef,
The lack of medals by Canada, comes down to one thing... money. Countries like Australia spend close to 250 million dollars on their athletic programs. (training at elite levels, as well at the grass root level).

personally, I don't think it's necessary to for the government to spend that much money on winning medals. It's doesn't seem like money well spent.. just so canadians can feel good for 15 minutes every 4 years. On the other hand.. I am extremely proud of our athletes.. and their performances.

The swimmers are setting Canadian records.. you can't really as for more then that. Every so often an athlete comes along.. who is just gifted with talent.. (think Donovan Bailey, or Mark Tewksbury).. sure they put in the practice time.. but there is no doubt they were born with some natural talent.

I would like us to spend a little more money on training programs.. but I would also like to see Canadians celebrate our athletes achievements.. even if they don't end up on the podium. Mike brown finishing 4th in the 200m breaststroke... he's the 4th best swimmer in the world..

that has to be celebrated..not apologized for.


Posted August 11, 2008 09:42 PM

Jill (Hazelton) wrote:

Q| When is women's wrestling going to be shown? We have a medal contender from this area, Carol Huynh and are eager to watch her.
Thank you.

Dear Jill,
Wrestling begins Tuesday the 12th (Beijing time) so Monday night here in Vancouver.
I don't have a break down of specific wrestling events... but once they begin... they go virtually every day until the end of the games.

Posted August 9, 2008 09:16 AM

Mike (Courtenay_B_C) wrote:

Q| The sports reporting industry hardly recognizes amateur sports and reporting is minimal. Case in point; hardly heard diddly-squat last year from the mass-media when the World Cup for Rugby was in France, and Canada was a participant. Lately there has been a little bit more but that's because we're working up to the Olympics, but after that's finished, we're back to diddly-squat again. And what's this crap on always talking about the Canuckleheads all the time? There must be more important amatuer sports items to report on than on the NHL in the Off season? It seems that the mass-media concentrates only on professional sports. Why? Thanx for letting me vent my spleen.

A| First off, let me just say, I understand your frustration. It's something that comes up every 4 years. From my perspective, the problem is "time". For Example.. I have 4 1/2 - 5 minutes of Sports on the CBC 6 O'clock news. Countless research has shown that in Vancouver..viewers are more interested in the Canucks then not only any other team, but any other sport.(by a significant amount). This holds true even in the middle of summer. As a broadcaster, that means I try my best to have as much Canuck information and tid bits as I can find. I also try and have as much "local" content as possible. Sometimes it's little kids playing soccer.. or seniors playing softball. The folks at the "all sports" networks don't cover those kinds of events, so that's where we can distinguish ourselves. On the flip side.. the sports networks have an endless supply of time (24 hrs a day) and resources..to cover just about everything. I think it would be great to see Track & Field events or Gymnastics 12 months a year... maybe more people would get interested.

Thanks for your Question and comments.

Shane Foxman

Posted August 6, 2008 05:19 PM

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