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Shane Foxman on the hockey trade deadline

Shane Foxman covers sports for CBC News Vancouver at six. (CBC)
The NHL trade deadline passed this week.

Are you happy with the trade the Canucks made?

What else would you have liked to see in terms of buyers and sellers?

Shane Foxman covers sports for CBC News Vancouver at six.

Use the form below to ask him questions about the NHL trades — or post your own comment about what's happening.

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Comments: (4)

Steve (Cowichan_Valley) wrote:

Q| Why would the Canuck's management go looking to spend more money when the team is already generating a healthy profit? Is it worthwhile to spend on something which won't likely affect the bottom line? People are still buying tickets so why worry?


A| Hi Steve,

I don't think money is the main issue here. With the salary cap, and the the fact the Canucks are pretty much at the limit, trades don't really mean higher payrolls and expenses.

If and when (the summer) the Canucks make a trade, or sign a free agent, they will most likely have to cut expenses somewhere else to stay under the cap. That's why this summer when Markus Naslund and Brendan Morrison become free agents, the Canucks should have some room to move.

In the days before the salary cap, you would be absolutely right: Why spend more on a team, when the building is sold out? There's no real incentive. Except for the fact...player's salaries are spread out over the regular season, so the longer your team goes in the play offs the more money the team makes...revenue coming in from tickets and concessions...but no players' salaries to be paid.


Posted March 2, 2008 10:36 PM

Don Wert (Rossland_BC) wrote:

Q| Each time there is an interview with one or more of the players the standard answer seems to be the same every time, such as we have to play with more intensity. When the statements are made not one player except Roberto Luongo seems to have any enthusiasim. This seems to go with the lack of enthusiasm on the bench as well.

A| Hey Don,

Interesting comment. I do agree that it appears the core players on the Canucks lack any signs of emotion or intensity, and that can be frustrating for fans who live and die with every game, every shift.

I also believe that it would refreshing to hear a player "tell it like it is." For example, after Sunday's loss to Chicago... I would have loved to hear one of the guys say "we stunk tonight, we didn't show up... and we should be embarassed by our effort, or lack of."

However, at the same time, I think it's ridiculous to think the players don't care, and lack enthusiasm..they might not show it, and wear their emotions on their sleeve.. but that doesn't mean they don't have them. Every player, every person has a different way of carrying themselves. That's why it's important to have a mixture of players when you build a team. Some guys are quiet leaders, others are get in your face type of guys...you need both...because sometimes calm and cool is needed, other times someone needs to read the other players the riot act.

Posted March 1, 2008 05:44 PM

Nicholas Manchon (Barbados) wrote:

Q| Was Dave Nonis close to acquiring Ollie Jokinnen? What happenned? Were there anymore almost deals?

A|From everything I have heard, the price for Jokinnen was just too high.

Yes, he's a great player, but you need more than that, or Florida would be in the playoffs. You can't gut your team for a trade, because you could end up further behind in the long run.

The Canucks, I am sure, also inquired about Brad Richards ... he of course ended up in Dallas. He came with a price tag of almost $8 million a season, (his contract runs another couple of years). There is no way that Vancouver was taking on that salary, when next year, they finally get some financial relief, as Naslund's and Morrison's contracts expire.

I was hoping the Canucks would do something at the deadline as well. As Dave Nonis says, it takes two teams to make a trade, just because he's looking, doesn't mean anybody is interested. However, sometimes you have to find away to make something happen. The team needs some offence.


Posted February 29, 2008 11:33 AM

Tom (Vancouver) wrote:

Q| Is there something about the Canucks organization or ownership that is holding back the GM from making any significant trades on the trade deadline? We've heard the same thing for about 6 or 7 years straight at the deadline: Other teams are asking for too much, the deal wasn't right, so and on so forth. Why is it that Brian Burke has gone years without finding a right deal at the deadline that could make an impact in Vancouver (even when there was no salary cap), but now that he's in Anaheim he is able to wheel and deal with all sorts trades and signings?

A|Hey Tom,

Very good question. To some degree I share your frustration. I can't say I was surprised when the Canucks were virtually stagnate at the deadline.

For the last number of years, both Brian Burke and now Dave Nonis, seem hesitant to make a major move. However, I will say this... Dave Nonis' job is not just look at this season but next and the year after. With Markus Naslund's and Brendan Morrison's contracts coming off the books, the team will finally have some room to play with.

The window of opportunity to win is a small one, and with Roberto Luongo in goal, the window is now open. I am really hoping the team undergoes a significant change over the summer— they need to change it's identity.

As far as Brian Burke wheeling and dealing... I don't see it exactly that way. The return of Niedermayer and Selanne forced Burke to make some moves, but it's hard say how much a role ownership is playing. Obviously some owners are more willing to gamble on a trade and take on more salary — others just care about selling tickets, and winning is secondary.


Posted February 28, 2008 08:56 AM

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