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Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno- World Championship Recap

Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno moved from Ontario to B.C. to train for the 2010 Olympics with Victor Kraatz. This is their first World Championship.

free skate in sweden.jpg
Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno performing their original dance program in Sweden, at the World Championships for the first time. (Photo courtesy of Brett Barden, Skatetoday.com)

We're back home after a successful First Worlds...Here is a re-cap:

There were 31 teams in the event. We finished 19th overall. This a very good accomplishment for us, because the event was filled with great, experiences, talented teams, and everyone had their A-game ready. We set a tentative goal to be somewhere in the teens in terms of placement, and we accomplished that as well.

In the Compulsory dance, (where each team performs the same dance to the same music) the Argentine Tango, we had a great performance and placed 17th.

In the Original dance, (where each team performs a unique dance to the same overall theme) Canadian Country folk, we had a great overall program with one small mistake in our side by side footwork sequence. Unfortunately we slipped to 19th in this portion of the event.

We had a really great Free dance performance on Friday (Rhapsody in Blue) and climbed to 18th in this portion of the event. The free dance event is where each team can choose their own music and their own theme.

Wow what an experience. There were so many highlights. The first one was our team meeting where we were each outfitted with our own World team gear. Every athlete knows the meaning of achieving 'the jacket'. When you are little, at the club level, seeing someone wear a regional jacket or a provincial or a national jacket is incredible, and everyone secretly wishes they had the same jacket. There is a lot of meaning behind it, all the years of training, practicing, competing, being nervous or excited or frustrated, all this work and experience is symbolized within this one coat. We also received our World Team pins, which are just as special as the team uniform.

performing in sweden.jpg
Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno performing their compuslary skate program in Sweden.(Photo courtesy of Brett Barden, Skatetoday.com)

The whole Canadian team did an excellent job at Worlds this year. We were so inspired to be on the same team as these wonderful athletes. Jeff Buttle's performances in the Men's Event were flawless and he more than deserves his World Championship title. Congratulations Jeff!!! Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were Silver in the Ice Dance event, and it was an honour for us to be on this ice with them, they competed beautifully and we are happy for them. Jessica Dube and Bryce Davidson were also wonderful in the Pairs event, and deserve a congratulations for their Bronze Medal.

Everyone took such great care of us. Victor and Maikki Kraatz, our coaches, were very caring of us all week and really helped us skate our best. Thank you!

Our team leaders were always there by the boards smiling and giving us thumbs up, and hugging us after a good performance or practice session.

The team doctors were very helpful, even though understandably it is every skater's dream to never be in a position to have to meet the team doctor! They made sure we were in peak physical condition to skate our best all week.

The venue was great, and well organized, and the rink was packed with Swedish fans all week. When the Swedish skaters stepped on the ice all you could hear was a roar and all you could see was a sea of Swedish flags. There was also a North-American section in the crowd which would alternate between Canadian and American flags and tracksuits, they also wove their flags in unison conducted by an extremely enthusiastic skating fan.

The Swedish food was incredible, meatballs, salmon, veal, elk, the food provided for the athletes, as well as what we ate after the event was all delicious. Experimenting with different food (after we finish skating of course) is one of the highlights of traveling for us. We had time for a little bit of shopping afterward, relishing the chance to stop at H&M (because it's from Sweden) and we also spent some time in the Sauna after we finished.

We took many pictures and we have many memories of this competition. It was really a dream come true to be there, even though when we were actually on the ice we had to focus and block out all the buzz and excitement. Thank you everyone for making it a special memory for us.

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