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2009 Results

Party Candidate Votes Status
Updated: May. 13, 2009 1:16 AM PDT 105/105 polls
NDP Harry Bains 10,202 Elected
LIB Ajay Caleb 3,862
GRN Trevor Loke 725
COM George Gidora 64

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STV referendum results in this riding

Question: Which electoral system should British Columbia use to elect members to the provinical Legislative Assembly?

  • The existing system (First-Past-the-Post)
  • The single transferable vote electorial system (BC-STV) proposed by the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform





3,821 votes | 26.77%

10,455 votes | 73.23%

Updated: May. 13, 2009 1:16 AM PDT

104/105 polls reporting

What it needs to win:

For the referendum to be binding, the approval level must be:

  1. at least 60% of the total popular vote, province-wide, AND
  2. more than 50% of the votes in at least 51 of the province's 85 electoral districts.

If the two thresholds are met, government is required to introduce legislation to implement BC-STV in sufficient time for it to be in place for the May 2013 General Election.


  • Riding which contains area in the west-central part of Surrey, has changed significantly in redistribution keeping only 44% of riding.
  • It now runs between 75th Avenue/128th Street/80th Avenue/Bear Creek/80th Avenue in the north and 64th Avenue/King George Highway/72nd Avenue in the south; between 152nd Street in the east and the border with Delta, 120th Street, in the west.
  • In the 2006 census, the immigrant population was 49%; 40% gave Punjabi as their mother tongue which is the 2nd highest in B.C..
  • The visible minority population was 69%; 55% of which was South Asian.


  • After 2000 redistribution, only northern part of riding remained.
  • In 2008 redistribution, kept only 44% of riding; added 43% Surrey-Panorama Ridge.

Political History

  • Surrey-Newton: In 1986, Social Credit Rita Johnston, incumbent from Surrey, defeated New Democrat Bob Bose by 976 votes; served as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Transit; Minister of State for Kootenays; Minister of Municipal Affairs, Recreation and Culture; Minister of Transportation and Highways; Deputy Premier.
  • Sworn in as Premier on April 2, 1991; won Social Credit leadership in July 1991.
  • In 1991, New Democrat Penny Priddy defeated Johnston by 2,397 votes, served as Minister of Women's Equality and Minister of Labour.
  • In 1996, Priddy defeated Liberal Indra Thind by 4,181 votes; served as Minister of Small Business, Tourism and Culture; Minister of Children and Families; Minister of Health and Minister responsible for Seniors; Minister of Education.
  • In 2001, Liberal Tony Bhullar defeated New Democrat Param Grewal by 2,801 votes; on February 21, 2002 he withdrew from the Liberal caucus after being charged with obstructing justice; in February 2004 he pleaded guilty to obstruction of a police officer and uttering a threat against a neighbour; received an absolute discharge on November 16, 2004 and returned to caucus after meeting with Campbell.
  • In 2005, New Democrat Harry Bains defeated Liberal Daniel Igali by 4,268 votes.