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North Coast

2009 Results

Party Candidate Votes Status
Updated: May. 13, 2009 1:16 AM PDT 67/67 polls
NDP Gary Coons 4,940 Elected
LIB Herb Pond 2,981
GRN Lisa Girbav 658

All results are unofficial until final ballot counts are verified by Elections B.C.

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STV referendum results in this riding

Question: Which electoral system should British Columbia use to elect members to the provinical Legislative Assembly?

  • The existing system (First-Past-the-Post)
  • The single transferable vote electorial system (BC-STV) proposed by the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform





3,161 votes | 39.27%

4,888 votes | 60.73%

Updated: May. 13, 2009 1:16 AM PDT

65/67 polls reporting

What it needs to win:

For the referendum to be binding, the approval level must be:

  1. at least 60% of the total popular vote, province-wide, AND
  2. more than 50% of the votes in at least 51 of the province's 85 electoral districts.

If the two thresholds are met, government is required to introduce legislation to implement BC-STV in sufficient time for it to be in place for the May 2013 General Election.


  • This riding, in Northwestern B.C. on the Pacific Ocean, has a border with Alaska as most of its northern border.
  • It includes the sparsely-populated Queen Charlotte Islands, Prince Rupert in the northeast corner as well as Bella Coola and Bella Bella in the south.
  • Fishing fleets operate out of Prince Rupert.
  • The Queen Charlotte waters are an important source of halibut, salmon, herring, rockfish, crabs and abalone.
  • In 2006 census, aboriginal population was 44.5% – the highest in the province.


  • Created in 1989 redistribution from Prince Rupert as well as areas from the Skeena, Aitlin and Mackenzie ridings.
  • In 2000 redistribution, kept all existing riding and added a small area from Bulkley Valley-Stikine.
  • In 2008 redistribution, kept 90% of riding; added a small area from Cariboo South.

Political History

  • Prince Rupert: New Democrat Graham Lea won in 1972, 1975, 1979 and 1983.
  • In 1986, New Democrat Dan Miller defeated Social Credit Bob Long by 1,853 votes.
  • North Coast: New Democrat Dan Miller won in 1991 and 1996. Served as Minister of Forests; Minister of Skills, Training and Labour; Minister of Employment & Investment; Deputy Premier; Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing; Minister of Energy, Mines and Northern Development; Premier from August 1999 to February 2000.
  • In 2001, Liberal Bill Belsey defeated New Democrat Colleen Fitzpatrick by 831 votes.
  • In 2006, New Democrat Gary Coons defeated Belsey by 1,660 votes.