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Campaign BytesNatalie Clancy
Friday was a bad day for Gordon Campbell with four of his candidates got in various scandals and that has been good news for Carole James. As the weekend ends it gets better for James as the campaign hits Fernie where they’re hoping to take out Bill Bennett. In violation of the elections act - there’s an advertisement for free beer for anyone who shows up to meet Bennett on May 5th. We interview him about this and his fears of vote splitting. We watch him exchange hunting stories at the BC wildlife federation convention. While my videographer, Brett Hyde films this, one of the members pulls me aside and whispers “We’re voting for Bill cause he’s a redneck like us.” Will you say that on tape I ask. Nope. Pressed for time - we ditch Carole’s campaign door knocking and head straight to the bull frog pub to see for ourselves the two posters promoting the free booze shindig.

Moments later were all headed for the airport but before we even make it out of Fernie our blackberries start buzzing. It’s a BC liberal press release. Bennett is canceling the beer bash. The posters are down. ….Another good day for the NDP. And I know this for sure when all the stories are filed and the day is coming to an end. I see Ira Dubinsky - Jack Layton’s executive assistant - on loan to James to serve as Wagonmaster (that’s really his title) coming down the aisle of the tiny plane with a bottle of chardonnay in his right hand and cabernet in the left. What a difference a few days makes. We are a long way away from the” vomit comet” plane ride that ruined the NDP’s day last Tuesday. The quiet tension from earlier in the week is gone- and James’ political advisor, Jim Rutkowski , advises me they’ll be upping the booze consumption and the late night partying from here on in.. But we both know that whether they’re drowning their sorrows or counting their blessings will change day to day until May 12th.
“Now more wine Ira!” he says to the Wagonmaster.

Natalie Clancy
CBC News Vancouver