Salt and Vinegar Chips

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Campaign BytesNatalie Clancy As promised from an earlier blog… more on Carole James health secrets.
I’m having lunch at the sumptuous Red Tree Restaurant with James and her entourage. Her bison burger arrives and she immediately scoops the crispy yam fries on a plate for her daughter Allison, communication officer - Neera Ritcey and me. Now these are the best yam fries you will ever eat! Yet James is not tempted to take even a nibble.” Discipline” she later tells me is the key as I plop down next to her on the bus to dig deep on how she has leaned up. She tells me a girlfriend bought her 5 sessions with a trainer as birthday present, right after the last election and it changed her life. First, the trainer gave her a heart monitor. When you are pressed for time it helps you stay in your target heart rate. To minimize boredom she uses an illiptical trainer, a treadmill, and interval training. She works out 30 minutes, three to five times a week - no matter what.

She started eating breakfast. Oatmeal only, then salad and protein for lunch and a regular dinner (which often includes lean roast from the moose her husband shoots every year.) She tells me the only drawback was the small fortune she spent on tailors to take in her clothesto fit her muc smaller frame. By the start of 2006 she was feeling fantastic - until July and the cancer diagnosis that put a 4 month stop to her routine. She was angry. She says surgery and radiation for uterine cancer in 2006 “made me impatient… I no longer sweat the small stuff, but I don’t put up with anything. I deal with things and just say no we’re not doing it that way and that doesn’t always make everyone happy.” As soon as doctors gave the green light to exercise again she called the trainer and started all over again. Then she tells me that while the other journalists and staffers and I were catching up in the hotel bar last night - she was in the hotel gym. And at the Burnaby Hilton - which serves as home base for the 28 day campaign - she’s had a treadmill put right into her room. And while I sink in my seat at the 51-year-old’s almost saintly fitness resolve , she makes a confession: She keeps a bag of salt and vinegar chips in the hotel room. We all have our weakness!

Natalie Clancy
CBC News Vancouver