Beautiful British Columbia

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Campaign BytesBelle PuriDrove from Nelson to Cranbrook. Oh! My! Everytime it blows me away - British Columbia is beautiful! I know this just in! But really - the Kootenay Pass - roads were clear but the snow was blowing and the mountains glimmering. Lost count of how many deer we saw - dozens literally. Passed through Moyie - blink and you'll miss it - but caught glimpse of a lovely church and what looked like a very old cemetery. Moyie dates back to 1893 I think.

If you're thinking wow what a great job - well yes but no too. Consider this - because of deadlines and time constraints we didn't stop for food. We had the small pack of peanuts I snagged from the plane and three chocolates! I told Brett (camera operator) NO peanuts until Creston! You've never seen anyone so happy to get to Creston!
Oh back in Castlegar there was a touching moment when mill owner Ken Kalesnikoff choked up remembering his Dad. All the millworkers there started to applaud in his support. Clearly they think a lot of their boss - who btw gave the Premier some homemade borscht because, he said, if his Dad were there he would have insisted everyone on the bus sitdown to a meal!

Belle Puri
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