A trigger happy Gordon Campbell

Posted in BC Votes 2009 Campaign Bytes Posted by CBC News on April 30, 2009 12:49 PM |

Campaign BytesBelle PuriMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday we clocked a lot of kilometers with the Liberal campaign - 10 communities in three days.
There were endless stretches of awesome views. Gordon Campbell was the most enthusiastic - constantly taking pictures. He has a digital camera with him and clearly he loves to play with it. For a chunk of every drive he bounces from side to side of the bus snapping away. It may be a new toy because he often grabs moments here and there to pick up tips from Province photographer Jayson Payne about best use and all the bells and whistles. Media types are always on the lookout shouting "Premier - over here - great viz". That MAY be though to keep him from taking pictures of us!

Belle Puri
CBC News Vancouver