leontes_cast.jpgOne of King Uther's bravest knights, Leontes pledges his loyalty to the new king after his master's death and joins Arthur in Camelot. Betrothed to Guinevere, his loyalty and experience are invaluable to the young king as he attempts to secure order in a land beset by violence and threats from rivals to the throne.




Philip Winchester - Actor Bio

Philip Winchester portrays Leontes in the original series "Camelot."

Philip Winchester landed a role in the Steven Seagal film The Patriot at the age of 14. Although born in the US, Winchester trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He more recently starred in Nick Willing's "Alice" for the Syfy channel, played the title role in the TV NBC series "Crusoe" and guest starred in an episode of "CSI: Miami."

Winchester played Edmund in the RSC/Channel 4's "King Lear" and starred in "Solomon Kane," "The Sins of the Father," "In My Sleep" and "Beyond the Sea."