igraine_cast.jpgArthur's birth mother and second wife of King Uther, Igraine is estranged from her son and despised by her step-daughter Morgan. She has lived a life of deep pain and agony, but has never lost her faith or her heart. Igraine quickly becomes an ally and figure of strength not only for Arthur but the entire court of Camelot.




Claire Forlani - Actor Bio

Claire Forlani portrays Igraine in the original series "Camelot."

Forlani is known for her performances in films such as Hallem Foe, Green Street Hooligans, Meet Joe Black, The Rock, The Medallion with Jackie Chan, Flash back of a Fool, Dungeon Seige, Beer For My Horses, Stroke of Genius, Mystery Men, Basquiat directed by Julian Schnabel, Mall Rats, Last Time I Committed Suicide, and Magicians

Forlani's television appearances "CSI: NY," "The Diplomat," "The Pentagon Papers," and Stephen King's miniseries for TNT, entitled "Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Crouch End."

Forlani will soon appear in upcoming films, No Ordinary Trifle and Ice.