gawain_cast.jpgOnce a great knight, Gawain has become disillusioned and has lost his way in life. Kay and Leontes recruit him to join the court of Camelot as a warrior. Although reluctant at first, he comes to Camelot and realizes Arthur is different and not just another warlord. Inspired, he finds reason to fight and train Arthur's men.




Clive Standen - Actor Bio

Clive Standen portrays Gawain in the original series "Camelot."

Throughout his career, Standen has moved between television, film and theatre with ease, quickly establishing himself as a talent to watch.

Standen's television credits include the BBC One series "Robin Hood (2009)," the multi Award winning sci-fi series "Doctor Who," the television dramatization of the infamous SAS mission in Sierra Leone known as Operation Barras entitled "Zero Hour," "Waking the Dead," "Tom Brown's School Days," and the Emmy award winning World War II docu-drama "Ten Days to D-Day." Among his many theatre roles in the UK include Tom Stoppard's "The Invention of Love."

He trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Art [LAMDA] on the three-year acting course.