Spring may be here to stay. But we're still in the early stages of it, so to encourage it along we plan to pay special attention to it over the next few weeks by playing a game of Spring Bingo, or Springo! You can participate by taking pictures of the signs of spring as they arrive.


Post your spring photos to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #YYCspringo to display on our photo wall! (Posts must be publicly viewable).

Photo suggestions


  • robins
  • warblers
  • geese


  • crocuses
  • tulips

Other Natural Stuff

  • ladybugs
  • flys


  • a gardening centre that's open
  • a dude driving with the windows down blasting an '80s rock anthem
  • someone shirtless on 17th Avenue (or similar landmark)
  • someone in flipflops

Other ideas

  • put your snow shovel away
  • get your snow tires off
  • leave home without a jacket
  • turn your furnace off
  • sleep with the window open

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