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Do Crew mission:

DeCanstruction for the Calgary Food Bank

canstruction 2.JPGCanstruction 1.JPG
When: Friday March 9th
Where: Telus Spark
Time:  11am - 2pm (probably won't take that long) 
The 7th Annual CanStruction event is underway at Telus Spark.  Fourteen teams created amazing scultures made entirely from non-perishable food items.  Once viewing wraps up Friday March 9th the sculptures need to be "de-canstructed" and the items packed up and delivered to the Calgary Food Bank.   I'm looking for 8 - 10 volunteers to lend a hand loading the 50,000 cans into crates then onto palates.  Moderate lifting is required.
If you can lend a hand for a couple of hours please email me at docrew@cbc.ca

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