August 2011 Archives

Baby Quilt

Rag Quilt Small.JPG 

Rag Quilt Pattern.pdf

This surprisingly easy-to-make craft is a great gift idea!

Spanish Seafood Stew

Spanish Seafood Stew.pdf

A colourful and flavourful recipe that will warm you up.

Dandelion Cake

Dandelion Cake.pdf

Get creative in the kitchen with dandelions!

Cod Fish

Cod Fish Pic.JPGCodfish.pdf

Wondering what to make for dinner? Here's a great mouth-watering recipe to try.

Homemade Spa

Homemade Spa.pdf

Get softer skin with ingredients from your refrigerator!

Message Board

Message Board.pdf

Sappho from henhouse in Halifax shares another fun and simple project you can do at home!