June 2011 Archives

Photo Frame

Photo Frame.pdf

Easy to make at home craft, courtesy of Sappho from henhouse.

Julie Tabbouleh

Julie Tabbouleh.pdf

Easy to make recipe from mezzo-soprano and host of CBC Radio 2's Tempo, Julie Nesrallah.

Candle Centrepiece

Candle Centrepiece.pdf

Sappho from henhouse provides easy instructions on how to create a beautiful candle centrepiece.

Ma & Pa Sweet Potato Soup

Ma & Pa Sweet Potato Soup.pdf

Another mouth-watering recipe from Claudio 'The Singing Soup Guy'!

Southern Belle Party


Here are recipes perfect for hosting a southern belle party!  Recipes include Mint Julep, Grits Toast and Southern Fried Green Tomatoes.

Roasting Garlic

Garlic Tips.pdf

How to pick, store and roast garlic.

Slow Cooker Burritos

Slow Cooker Burritos.pdf

A meatless yet delicious slow cooker recipe.

Plastic Bag Craft

Plastic bag craft.pdf

Here's a neat way to recycle your plastic bags!

Maureen Welch's Shepherd Pie Soup

Maureen Welchs Shepherd Pie.pdf

Claudio 'The Singing Soup Guy' creates a soup inspired by Maureen's favourite dish!

Kids' Calzones

Kids Calzones.pdf

Easy and delicious recipe your kids can make at home!

Potato Stamped T-Shirt

Potato Stamped T-Shirt.pdf

Fun craft for the kids... maybe at the cottage or on a rainy day!

Curried Chicken Pie

Curried Chicken Pie.pdf

Delicious and quite easy to make. Give it a try for dinner!

No-Knit Scarf

No-Knit Scarf.pdf

Put away those knitting needles! Here's a creative and easy craft idea.

Squash Recipe

Gay Cook Squash Recipes.pdf

Don't know what to do with those Buttercup and Butternut squashes? Here's an idea or two.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket.pdf

Here's a great hostess gift idea. Check out the delicious mustard salad dressing recipe too!

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples.pdf

Fun to make with the kids!