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Johanna Skibsrud 2010

Johanna Skibsrud first started working on her debut novel The Sentimentalists while finishing her master of arts degree at Concordia University. Five years later, at only age 30, Skibsrud was catapulted to Canadian literary stardom after winning the 2010 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

The story was inspired by her father, who opened up toward the end of his life about his experiences in the Vietnam War. In her acceptance speech, she tearfully thanked among others her late father "for sharing his stories with me." 

"I can't imagine how proud he would've been," she said.

In this interview clip, Skibsrud checks in with As It Happens following her Giller win, and explains what it's like to receive an award that includes Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje as previous winners.

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2010 Shortlist:

Johanna Skibsrud - The Sentimentalists
David Bergen - The Matter with Morris
Alexander MacLeod - Light Lifting
Sarah Selecky - This Cake Is for the Party
Kathleen Winter - Annabel 

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